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Kimbra, Recording Artist/ Pop Star

你好Kim, 我是kimbra, 只是想简单的为Vision那些令人愉快的产品表示感谢,你是个很好的人,请继续努力,我非常开心能读到你公司的背景故事和了解你们的坚持,谢谢你的时间,加油保持你优秀的工作!

"I’ve finally discovered a range of natural skin care that actually works. I will definitely continue using these gorgeous products – my skin feels so comfortable and others are saying it glows. All that and knowing that I’m helping animals and the planet! Priceless."

Robyn Kippenberger, CEO RNZSPCA


Thank you Kim!!! I was so pleased to open your wonderful products. These products are like none other that I have ever tried and I am seeing major improvement with my skin. I have given the product out to my models!

Shawna Erickson, President of Niche Models and Talent/Hawaii USA

 谢谢KIM!!! 我非常乐意于打开你那些美妙的产品。这些和我以前所有看到过的护肤品都不一样,它让我看到了我皮肤显著的进步,我已经让我的模特们都去使用它们了!

" As an Appearance Medicine doctor I am constantly searching for powerful cosmeceuticals that work. I have found plenty of these, but until now, there has been no pleasure in using them. The packaging and smells and textures of these strong products are usually awful. I am delighted to say that I have now found products loaded with the vitamins needed to feed the skin, but, that smell divine and are a pleasure to use. I have trialled about 7 of the products in the range and am extremely impressed with the results. I shall be recommending them to my clients with great pleasure and am delighted to have discovered them. I know the work involved in producing a range like this and must congratulate the team."


Dr Dee O'Neill, MB Bch Ba Dip Obst FRNZCGP


I’m quite discerning when it comes to skin care and I like products that are gentle on the skin and carry a very subtle fragrance. The Vision products smell great and feel weightless yet nourishing. I like.

我对护肤品相当挑剔,我喜欢那种对皮肤较为温和,带有细微芳香的产品。 Vision的产品闻起来非常好,轻便又营养,我喜欢。

Grayson Coutts, Makeup Artistry


Hi Kim, I have been using 2 of the products twice daily now since we met and I am a believer! The Citrus Lotion and Youth Serum are my favourite I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin since using both products and I will definitely be purchasing more from your website directly. Unlike other products your bottles don’t leak which is a huge bonus for travellers.

Thanks for introducing me to your line!

你好KIM, 自从上次见面后我就成了信徒,我现在每天都会用你的两种产品两次。卡姆果焕彩维他乳液和青春焕彩精华液是我最喜欢的。自从使用它们之后我注意到我的皮肤有了令人激动的进步,当然我一定会从你的网站上购买更多。相比起其他产品,你的产品瓶子不会有漏出的事情,这对旅行者来说是件大好事。

Charlotte Reiss, Wilhelmina | Director Women's Division


Hi Kim, I think all of your products are wonderful. I love the fact that you use such quality products from nature and they carry the energy of forgiveness, compassion, integrity, tolerance & most important love. My favourite is the youth serum which smells great & gives me a smooth clear glow. I also love the hair shaper & my friends have complimented on how nice it smells. I really like the silky olive cleanser too. It cleans & and leaves my face fresh and moist.

你好KIM,我觉得你所有的产品都非常美妙。 我喜欢你使用如此高质量的天然原料而且他们包含了满满的正能量,宽恕,同情,正直,宽容和最重要的爱。我最喜欢的是青春焕彩精华液,它闻起来非常舒服并且给我一种清爽焕发的感觉。我也喜欢你们的定型护理发膏,我的朋友都称赞它闻起来非常好。还有橄榄油丝滑洁面皂,它的清洁功能非常好并且让我的脸觉得清新水润。

Gaylynn Secrist, Holistic Enlightenment Guidance Life Coach, Hawaii


Hi Kim I have been using your products each and every day and also gave some out to the models! The Citrus Lotion is fantastic and I love the Youth Serum! The Olive Cleanser Bar is incredible and the Exfoliate Bar works wonders on my skin.


你好KIM,我每天都在用你的产品而且我还给了我的模特们一些! 卡姆果焕彩维他乳液非常棒,我还喜欢青春焕彩精华液! 橄榄丝滑洁面皂好的难以置信,磨砂皂对我皮肤的效果很不错。

Crista Xoxoxoxo, Director - Runway Division l.a. models inc.


I have been loving the eye & face cream and the body mousse ! Fantastic! overall I love the feel and the smell of the products. I also sent out most of your cards :) Everyone has loved them! Thanks so much!


Leslie Durso, Actress/ Celebrity Vegan Chef


"Vision Skincare is absolutely divine, and smells amazing. All the women were raving about the orange citrus essential oil in the Refreshing Citrus Lotion. The range includes a Nourishing eye and face cream, and an antioxidant rich Youth Serum (I could do with some of that!), as well as body and haircare lines and gorgeous soaps."

Megan Robinson,


"I've used many different face products and sometimes skin re-juvination treatments over the years and I can honestly say that since using Vision Products for only a short time my skin looks and feels the best it has ever done, in fact I've had a number of compliments of how good my skin looks. This is the first time I've had a WOW!! moment with such products."

Craig Anthony, Director of Sales and Marketing, Healthy Living Show.

这些年来我用过了许多不同的脸部护肤产品,有时还去做老化皮肤护理,我可以诚实的说自从我用了Vision的产品以来,只过了很短的时间我的皮肤就有了以前从未有过的好效果。 事实上有许多人都在祝贺我的皮肤变的非常好。这是我第一次因为护肤产品而拥有了这样一种 “WOW!!!”的时光。

The product (Citrus Lotion) is easily absorbed and prevents skin from having an oily shine. I would recommend to use it as an under–layer for the foundation and other makeup. My skin felt refreshed and smooth after the application and this sensation remained for a while. Also, its package is eco-friendly and chemical-free. Perfect for us and for the environment.

Ksenia Khor, Chelsey Magazine