About the founder

I believe it's important to share with you the story of what inspired me to become the founder of Vision for Humanity and Vision for Humanity Products Charitable Trusts.

All my life from the age of sixteen I have travelled the world, first as a back packer and later as a part of my work in the fashion industry. As a result, I have experienced a diverse range of cultures, attitudes, ideologies, values and beliefs within many socio economic situations. From personally experiencing starvation and seeing packs of begging, limbless children with tin cans wired around their necks scouring the outer streets of Bombay on their stumps, to being back stage marveling at the icons of glamour of Parisian Haute Couture. Life is extreme and like most people, I have experienced difficult challenges along with great reward.

What saddens me is that there are people on this earth who have to cope with poverty and disease everyday and have no opportunity to explore and to grow, let alone make a mistake. A lot of us will never understand what it really feels like to have no options. Equally there are people that should, by social premise, emanate happiness throughout their lives, yet don’t seem to be satisfied at all. Why is this the world we live in?

Ten years ago I was on the brink of realising my dream of opening Clyne Models New York. After years of planning, I was about to set off from my New York apartment to officially see my first four clients. Unfortunately, that morning turned out to be September 11th 2001.

I remember standing there, half way to the door, watching CNN while holding bags full of model's portfolios. I was spell-­bound by the unfolding events and what this would mean. I quickly realised that my dream would go no further that day as I witnessed the whole city contract upon itself and close down... more significantly all around the world people were catapulted into confronting their greatest fears and the fragility of life. But most of all it was the sense of all us being in this together that left its mark on me.


Kim Larking

Kim Larking successfully established himself as one the most influential model management agents in New Zealand, scouting and managing many of the country's most recognised international models during his 20 year career. Find out what has motivated him over the last ten years to develop Vision for Humanity and Vision for Humanity Products Charitable Trusts.

Life changing moment

Needless to say I didn’t open my New York agency. Instead 9/11 would cement a change of direction in my life that had been seeded in a personal epiphany just one month earlier.

Lying awake at 3am one morning I was questioning my life and my achievements. I began projecting my goals out over the years to come until I eventually arrived at my life's end. I asked myself, 'Are you happy with what you have achieved?' The answer was "No!" I realised that it was all about 'me.' In astonishment I thought 'Well what would be meaningful?' and the answer was to contribute by helping others and leave this world having done something constructive. At that point I realised that the greatest thing we can do as human beings is to help others in need, and that this is also the greatest thing that we can do for ourselves.




Today I am no longer a model agent but the founder of Vision for Humanity and Vision for Humanity Products Charitable Trusts which are dedicated to helping create A Successful Planet. By helping empower people to be more conscious in all they do, and thereby popularising the concept of elevating global consciousness, a sense of global family might be achieved where everyone's needs are met.

VFH Vision and Mission

Our Mission

"To be a catalyst to elevate global consciousness"

Our Vision

"A Successful Planet where the attributes of love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and integrity form the basis of every human interaction and endeavour"

Vision Products

Vision Products is the window

Let me share with you why Vision’s products are the most sophisticated and functional products in the world today!

Because once you engage with these products and understand them, you'll love them. As well as their beautiful scents, exquisite textures and 100% naturally derived nutrients, there is embodied within them a valuable social and ecological meaning.

Vision's products represent 8 years of meticulous refinement and are exceptional for a number of reasons:

When we source ingredients

We look to protect and enhance the bio-ethnic diversity (species, habitat and the associated knowledge, customs and prosperity of the indigenous cultures) of the territory from which ingredients are derived. We support projects like the Amazon Friendly program, a model farm in Labasa Fiji, and we choose not to use palm oil, sodium lauryl sulphate and standard cotton. We prize wild harvest ingredients most of all as they keep the natural environment and the people who depend on it intact.

Vision Products only utilises the most exceptional 'five star' ingredients available in the world today

Our apparel is comprised of 70% bamboo (for its remarkable softness and environmental benefits) and 30% organic cotton. Our hair care range uses plant based cleansers, naturally occurring nutrients, vitamins and preservatives and are naturally scented with essential oils. Our skin care features the amazing Amazonian super fruits camu camu and acai, along with Tahitian tamanu oil, rosehip oil, aloe vera, NZ sea salt (for exfoliating) and Totarol, from the New Zealand totara tree, as a natural preservative. Our greeting cards showcase the unique beauty of the South Pacific-‐ what a natural and stunningly beautiful ingredient that is!

Vision's products are 100% natural, with natural/organic and, most importantly, wild harvested ingredients containing the most beneficial ingredients on the planet which are full of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and anti­‐oxidants. These beautiful products had to have the most advanced eco-­‐packaging systems.

Packaging that is bio‐degradable, compostable and recyclable, stylish yet minimal.

All stick on labels are made from either a wood cellulose or corn based material. Our custom designed 750 ml large bottles are also made from compostable corn based PLA representing a theme of bio-­‐integration. All paper and card materials (gift cards, envelopes, swing tags and wrap tags) are sourced from sustainable forest or made with recycled paper and are printed with soy inks. Our skin and hair care incorporates refill / recycle systems. We use potato filler in boxed packaging and place your purchase in a vegetable oil based bag or an organic cotton bag when you walk out the door.

And it looks stunning ‐ We've made 'green' look sexy!

Nature's Greeting Cards Superfood Skincare Eco Hair & Body Care Eco Apparel

For More Information

Kim Larking

021 505 170

We enhance our products

The words love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and integrity are on all of the labelling -­ these are the words embedded in the Vision for Humanity Vision Statement. Resonating with Dr. Masaru Emoto's research, we see this as a way in which to help make our world a more wonderful place. These powerful messages and what they bring forth can positively impact our daily lives.

Excellent value for money

Our products are sold online, minimising costs so that we are able to offer the best value possible.

Sophisticated products with purpose

Then when you buy these incredible products we support our community by having all net profits, to a minimum of 15%, go to charity including SPCA, KidsCan and the Vision for Humanity Charitable Trust.

Every product has a story

The story of our coconut oil:

We buy our coconut oil from a model farm in Labasa Fiji. The people of Labasa are leaving the island to go to Suva in an attempt to gain a city job. As a result, they are losing touch with the land and intergenerationally farming and horticultural skills are being lost. This farm connects people with the land. It teaches local people how to grow produce organically and sustainably, they are also taught arts and crafts as another way to provide further skills and income. From coconuts wild harvested on the island, they make cold pressed 100% pure coconut oil. We buy this oil from them to support what they are doing. We package this oil in a PLA bottle which has originated from corn not fossil fuels (no plastic). We apply compostable labels and wrap tags made from recycled paper and soy inks and provide a recycle /refill system to save people money and help the planet out in dealing with used containers. The people who buy this oil get to cook with the healthiest oil on the planet! It’s full of medium chain fatty acids is perhaps the healthiest oil you can obtain from Mother Nature. You can cook with it and it is also excellent for maintaining hair and skin health and vitality. The profits made from sales go towards supporting the SPCA, KidsCan and Vision for Humanity Charitable Trust ‐ which is all about raising awareness concerning important social and global issues and creating better pathways forward.

Biospherically Correct

We call our unique way of creating these exceptional products "Biospherically Correct".

All Vision products have a unique Biospherically Correct rating which provides a simple 1, 2 or 3 indicator (3 being the best) that depicts each product's environmental sustainability and social responsibility performance at a glance.

So we don't think of our products as products at all – but rather as services. Services incorporating a Biospherically Correct approach to all that we produce, and which represent the potential to change the course of the world.

Vision Products is a benchmark range of the most socially and ecologically thought-‐out lifestyle products of the highest quality.

So make sure to enjoy the experience for yourself!

Vision For Humanity

Ultimately Vision Products is the window to a bigger cause, the sister charity, Vision for Humanity (VFH). This is the incubator from which such initiatives as Biospherically Correct originate from.

VFH is all about empowering people via information, inspiration and practical initiatives designed to inform and connect people through its resource based website. People like you and me who are interested in working together to positively impact our everyday lives.

The first two major initiatives originating from VFH are

      1. The blue print of
Biospherically Correct produced goods and services

The concept of Biospherically Correct originated out of Vision for Humanity’s Vision for Business. We hope in time that Biospherically Correct will inspire other businesses to operate in a Biospherically Correct way. Look out for the Biospherically Correct resource site coming next!

      2. A
VFH Global Citizen campaign
      designed to help
create a sense of global family
    , with 7 billion people on the planet, this is all about thinking as a global family to plan into the future.

"See how a powerful shift in global thinking, has the potential to create a tipping point, leading to the forming of A Successful Planet, which you will be a part of!"

Get Involved

Join me and support this charity. Buy Biospherically Correct products and through conscious living, play a vital part in helping co‐create a better global future.

If you could buy exceptional products that helped make the world a better place and at a price which reflected great value for money, wouldn’t you support that?

Doesn't that make sense?

By appreciating that our happiness is directly related to the quality of our interactions concerning all of our relationships and that fulfillment is equally related to the integrity of our endeavour, we can create genuinely better lives for ourselves while benefiting others.

So I'm calling you to action! You are an extremely important person who can make a difference in the world. You are resourceful, an influencer and you can help in a number of ways from little to large:

At Vision Products you can

  • 'Like us' on Facebook
  • sign up as a member on our site and buy Vision Products
  • plan an exclusive shopping event with friends at the Vision Products concept store
  • sponsor a section of our infrastructure
  • make a donation to help us launch these products worldwide

At Vision for Humanity you can

  • Become a VFH Global Citizen and have a positive impact on the world through all of your thoughts, interactions and endeavours.
  • Share with others information about this movement helping to create a world of increasing peace, prosperity and joy.
  • Contemplate and contribute to the Visions in the site
  • Visit "What you can do" under each of the other Visions for more day to day specific actions

Live in the moment of creation and exercise your power to make a difference in the world by creating consciously through all you think, do and say. Vision For Humanity
Experience these beautiful products embodied with goodness and exercise your power to make a difference in the world through conscious living with Vision Products Vision Products

Kim Larking