Extra Replenishing Shampoo


A special plant based shampoo for ultimate hair health and vitality, ideal for dry or damaged hair. Containing a host of replenishing hair care ingredients, shea nut butter, vitamin B5, vitamin E, soy protein,honey, vegetable glycerine and jajoba to add natural beauty and softness to your hair while providing antioxidant properties to potentially aid hair growth and strength. Scented naturally with essential oils. Use with Revitalising Conditioner. For best results treat hair weekly with Extra Replenishing Conditioner Treatment. Style with Vision Hair Styler or Shaper.

Sulphate and palm oil free so will lather less than conventional shampoos. Click here for tips on how to wash your hair properly.

Comes complete with a refill/recycle system to reduce waste. Packaged in PLA ( plant based plastic) and PP (polypropylene) plastic.  200ml tottle and travel size 50 ml tottle. Value size 750 ml Pla bottle with a pump for main bathroom. Please refill other bottles from this and keep pump when re purchasing.

Labels are made from recycled paper and vegetable inks

Extra Replenishing Shampoo
$49.99 NZD