Living Moments card series 生活瞬间卡系列 リビングモーメントカードシリーズ


Beautiful moments in time that reflect the inside caption, "This series from the South Pacific honours the well-being inherent in our connection with nature".  As a bonus, six of the cards have pictures both sides, while all ten have the words love, forgiveness, tolerance and integrity subtly yet meaningfully printed along the bottom or back of card. Packaged in a stunning butterfly wing Box with high quality envelopes included.

Envelopes, cards and boxes are made from recycled paper and using sustainable forestry practices. Printed with vegetable inks. Images not digitally enhanced in any way.

10 unique gift cards: 15.6 x 10.9 cm when folded. Per card cost: $3.00



10个独特的礼品卡:15.6 X10.9厘米时折叠。每张卡成本:3.00美元


10ユニークなギフトカード:15.6 X10.9センチメートル折りたたみ時。カードあたりのコスト:3.00ドル
Living Moments card series
$29.99 NZD