Living Stories card series 鲜活故事卡系列 リビングストーリーカードシリーズ


Each card has four stunning pictures telling its own beautiful living story. Some people are so delighted by these cards that they frame them to enjoy forever. Packaged in a beautiful Butterfly Wing Box, with high quality envelopes, making an ideal gift as a pack or to use as your own signature stationary.

The words love, forgiveness, compassion,tolerance and integrity subtly yet meaningfully printed along the bottom. Inside caption: This series from the South Pacific honours the well-being inherent in our connection with nature.

Made from recycled paper, printed with vegetable inks. Boxes are made using sustainable forestry practices.

Pack contains 10 unique cards. Card size: 15.6 x 10.9 cm when folded. Envelopes included. Per card cost $3.50

<p>每个卡都有,告诉了自己美好的生活的故事4令人惊叹的照片。有些人通过这些卡,他们帧他们享受永远这么高兴。封装在一个美丽的蝴蝶翼盒,以高品质的信封,使一个理想的礼物,一包或您自己的签名固定使用。</ P>
<p>这句话<I>爱,宽恕,慈悲,宽容和完整性</ i>的微妙又意味深长地沿底部打印。里面的标题:<EM>此系列从南太平洋荣誉的幸福固有的与自然连接</ em>的</ P>。
<p>从制造再生纸,印有蔬菜油墨。箱使用可持续林业实践进行。</ P>
<P><STRONG>包包含10个独特的卡</ STRONG>。卡片尺寸:折叠后15.6 X10.9厘米。信封包括在内。 <STRONG>每张卡的成本3.50美元</ STRONG></ P>




パックには、10のユニークなカードが含まれています。カードサイズ:折り畳まれた15.6 X10.9センチメートル。封筒が含まれています。パーカードは3.50ドルの費用が
Living Stories card series
$34.99 NZD