Silky Olive Oil Cleanser 橄榄油丝滑洁面乳 オリーブオイル クレンザー

For centuries people have understood the benefits of olive oil for the skin and now you can experience it too. This finely textured facial cleanser containing pure olive oil, will leave your skin feeling soft and silky smooth. With a gentle blend of essential oils to add a light, fresh scent this is a wonderful product to use every day. Finish your skin care routine with your favourite Vision moisturiser. Palm oil free.

Packaged for recycling in glass jars and recyclable plastic pots. Wrap tag and labels are biodegradable and made from recycled paper and vegetable inks. 

Available in 50ml and 10ml sample size.


几百年来人们用纯天然的橄榄油护肤,现在您也同样可以享受得到。 这款质地细腻的洁面乳蕴含纯天然橄榄油和特别的花香精油,散发淡淡清香,让您每天好心情。 建议用后配合使用其他Vision滋润产品可达最佳效果。





リサイクル可能なガラス容器で、再生紙と植物性インクで作ったラベルを使用しています。 50mlと10mlの携帯用お試しサイズもご用意いたしております。

Silky Olive Oil Cleanser
$29.99 NZD