Silky Olive Oil Cleanser Bar 橄榄油丝滑洁面皂

The ancient Greeks understood the benefits of olive oil for the skin and now you can experience it too. This finely textured facial cleansing bar, containing pure olive oil, will leave your skin feeling soft and silky smooth. With a gentle blend of essential oils to add a light, fresh scent this is a wonderful product to use every day. Finish your skin care routine with your favourite Vision moisturiser.

Palm oil free.

Packaged with wrap made from recycled / sustainable forest card and vegetable inks. 

100gm bar, representing excellent value for money.



本品为环保产品,产品标签使用再生纸和植物性油墨。 重量为100克。

Silky Olive Oil Cleanser Bar
$12.00 NZD