Women's Bamboo Singlet (Print) 女士绵竹背心(印制)


This women's singlet from our super soft eco-apparel range is great as a sports top or and undergarment. Look good and be comfortable while exercising, relaxing or sleeping. Three seasonal colours: black and brown for an earthy, autumn/winter look and vibrant red for spring and summer. Printed for inspiration with the words "a successful planet - vision for humnaity" on the bottom left corner. A fitted, longer designer cut garment.

Bamboo is a beautiful fabric to wear, we are confident you will love its soft texture and luxurious feel. Made with 70% organic bamboo and 30% organic cotton.


此款女士绵竹背心非常适合作为运动上衣或者内衣。样式大方,无论运动,放松或入睡,穿着都非常舒适。共三种季节的颜色:适合秋冬的朴实的黑色,棕色,和适合春季和夏季的充满活力的红色。左下角图案的灵感来源于 “一个美好的星球 - vision for humanity”。一件精心剪裁,合身的背心,为你设计。


Women's Bamboo Singlet (Print)
$24.99 NZD