Women's Bamboo V Neck (3/4 Sleeve) 女性绵竹 V 领 (3/4 袖)


A classically styled v neck women's t-shirt from our super soft eco-apparel range.  A 3/4 sleeve makes this shirt functional and smart under a jacket, yet great for casual comfort also. Available in brown for an earthy autumn/winter look with jeans and trousers and vibrant red and blue for spring/summer. Embroidered with "love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and integrity"along the bottom.

Bamboo is a beautiful fabric to wear with its soft texture and luxurious feel. Made with 70% organic bamboo and 30% organic cotton

A fitted, longer designer cut garment.

» A note about measurements

这是我们超软环保系列中一个古典风格的V领女装T恤。 3/4袖使这件衬衫具有良好的功能性,但同时也非常的舒适耐穿。有适合秋/冬的褐色,搭配牛仔裤和裤子,也有适合春夏的鲜艳的红色和蓝色。在底部绣有“爱,宽恕,慈悲,宽容,诚信”。



Women's Bamboo V Neck (3/4 Sleeve)
$79.99 NZD